L.J. Rittenhouse is the author of Do Business with People You Can Tru$t, which debuted at the Berkshire Hathaway shareholder meeting in Omaha in May, 2002. Tru$t shows investors how to analyze CEO communication in order to find trustworthy companies. It has been recommended by Barron’s, The Motley Fool, Directors & Boards Journal, the American Association of Independent Investors and the Toronto Investment Club.

As president of andBEYOND Communications Inc., Rittenhouse advises corporate executives to identify the barriers to effective and ethical communication and actions. She publishes annual rankings that measure the candor of CEO communication in annual reports. These rankings are correlated with stock price performance to show the dollar value of CEO messages. By demonstrating that attitudes determine the quality of accounting numbers, Rittenhouse challenges traditional investment paradigms. Her revolutionary model of holistic investing offers a dynamic perspective by which to judge future financial performance. These perspectives have been adopted by Fortune 500 companies in energy, manufacturing, service and technology.

Featured on CNN, CNNfn, CBS MarketWatch and on radio talk shows and webcasts, Rittenhouse speaks at industry conferences and investor meetings. She is a frequent contributor to financial journals and investor magazines.

An investment banker and an investor relations consultant for over 20 years, Rittenhouse was senior vice president in corporate finance at Lehman Brothers Inc. Earning an MBA and an MS from Columbia University, she is a founder of the non-profit organization, Families with Children from China and serves as Advisory Council Chair of Ethispoint, a leading corporate governance information and reporting system.


L.J. Rittenhouse