Value Building Products


Contextual Surveys When your stock price is down, where can you go? We collect and analyze candid investor and analyst insights to find out what's wrong. Clients use these hard-hitting surveys to reassess their strategic progress and make critical corrections.

Affirmative Presentations Creating the right impression requires messages based on inside knowledge and outside skepticism. We help clients create stand-out presentations that affirm key ideas, change perceptions and strengthen valuation.

Feedback Reports Is the corporate viewpoint getting through? We survey key financial decision makers after a meeting, teleconference or key announcement to see which messages are sticking and to offer future guidance.

Language Benchmarking The best actions come from clear 20/20 visions. Our model of business communication, LanguageWorks for business(SM), allows clients to quantify the originality and rigor of their strategic vision and compare it to their peer companies.

Urgency Workshops Success is a moving target. In our seminars, clients quickly assess how their competitive positioning, goal setting, earnings reports, and creative advantage stack up against others. They design actions to improve performance.

Annual Strategic Check-Up The CEO letter to shareholders is the gateway to corporate understanding. We coach clients in the process of developing content to create award-winning letters that accelerate corporate progress.