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Do Business With People You People You Can Tru$t has found a wide audience, from individual investors, investment professionals and managements of publicly-traded companies.

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Investment Professionals

In many ways you have written what I would call a 'Shareholder's Manual.' I highly recommend your book, especially to those who are thinking about investing in an individual stock, they owe it to themselves to pick up a copy of the annual report and at least know what they are looking at.- Jim Puplava, Host, Financial Sense Newshour


I loved the book! I have currently featured it as the Amazon Featured Book and placed it atop the Book section of the TIC [Toronto Investment Club] Online. You will be glad to know that shortly after I placed the book on the Toronto Investment Club website the number of unique visitors that clicked to your book rocketed to the #1 spot overtaking The Warren Buffett CEO as the most clicked book. Users are already ordering the book off the site and it is also one of the most ordered as well. - Jim Chuong, Founder, TIC Online


I had heard about the book after the Berkshire meeting and ordered it a few weeks later. I really enjoyed it since I'm an avid reader of annual reports (the first thing I do when I find a company that I'm interested in investing in is send out a request for the last five years worth of their annual reports) myself and found Ms. Rittenhouse's book very informative and interesting. I will add it to the site as my "Book of the Month" selection within the week. Richard Rockwood, Founder, Focus Investor Website


Individual Investors

I found this book well thought out, wonderfully entertaining and very empowering. Never again will I be intimidated by an investment counselor making recommendations that ultimately line his pocket. I now have the tools to examine shareholder letters and determine company value.- Investor, New York


I've read dozens of investment books over the last couple of years, and this is clearly one of the best. It provides a very useful and simple method of improving the quality of the single stocks I buy. It's also a good quick read. I can't recommend it enough, you'll never ignore your annual reports again!

Thanks to the author for sharing her easy to use recipe for finding firms with good caretakers. As Warren Buffet said, she is really doing the work of angels. - Derivatives Trader, New York


This excellent, readable book is for investors. It spells out how you can judge which companies to trust, and how people like yourself can avoid losing your money in a disaster like Enron's.

Also, if you are concerned about ethical investing, this is an important book because it raises ethical issues about honesty and integrity in financial reporting. If you are not, it is a powerful reminder that ethical attitudes at the top have an effect all the way down a company. - Investor, British Columbia